Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Everyday Makeup Tutorial! Affordable, Fast and Easy

Check out my video! I'm showing you how to do a very affordable (many of the items I use are from the drugstore!) and easy everyday look. It took me 25 minutes. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9 things only people with anxiety will understand

1. When something starts to hurt, you immediately jump to the worst conclusions.
Image Source: Instagram user Pranita Kocharekar
(That side-ache is appendicitis, your stomach ache is an ulcer, the mole you've had since you were 4 is cancerous, and your scab that's not healing- it's going to result in blood poisoning.)

2. When you hear a sound outside your window at night, you think you are going to be murdered in your sleep. 
(It's an axe-murderer! Definitely not a racoon or a cat!)

3. When you're home alone and get in the shower, you also think you are going to be murdered. 
(It's how it happens in all the movies!)

4. You can never remember if you locked the car door.
(But is it locked? Did I lock it? I don't remember it beeping... what if someone gets in my car and hotwires it and drives away? What if they run over someone while driving my car and commit a hit and run and then the police run the plates and then I go to jail for a crime I didn't commit?!)

5. You can never remember if you turned off the stove. 
(Is the stove on? Did I leave the stove on? Is there anything flammable near the stove? What if something falls on the stove and it catches fire and then the whole kitchen catches on fire and then the house burns down and then the neighbors' house catches fire too and the whole neighborhood goes up in flames?!)

6. If someone turns down plans to hang out with you... it's obviously because they hate you and think you are the weirdest person on the planet.
(What if they're laughing about the fact that I even invited them to that movie? Is that movie lame? Am I lame? Is it weird I invited them to that movie? Do they think I like them like them, even though I totally DON'T and now they are gonna be weird around me and tell all our mutual friends what I did and then none of them will want to be my friend and then I'm going to have no one?!)

7. You get a call from someone you haven't heard from in a while, and you freak out.
(What did I do.... Why are they calling me....)

8. You cook someone a meal and think you accidentally poisoned them. 
(Did I cook the meat all the way through? Did I wash the veggies before I cooked them? Did I wash my hands? Are they going to get salmonella from this chicken? What if they get salmonella from this chicken... Did I forget to wash the veggies... I think I forgot to wash the veggies. What if they're just eating cooked pesticides?!)

9. When you go to sleep, you lie awake knowing you're just going to go through this all again tomorrow.
(I can't sleep and now I'm only going to get 6.75 hours of sleep instead of the 9 I'm scientifically supposed to be getting to function at optimum levels.)


Do any of you ever struggle with anxiety?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pattern Play in Big Bear

Later in the day: 

Top is sold out, similar here | Similar jeans (that I'm obsessed with) here | Similar booties here | Army jacket | Ring (I wear it almost every day, it was a graduation gift when I finished my master's and I'm OBSESSED!) | Watch c/o Jord Wood Watches (blog post about this watch coming soon, I can't get enough of it, I'm in love) | Similar leopard scarf here for under $20! this is a MUST HAVE for fall and you can't beat the price!! | Bag I've been carrying like every day cuz I lah it

Good morning, happy Monday! I hope you all had a fab weekend! I'm writing this late on Sunday night, we got back from Big Bear today! Big Bear was awesome, I had never been before and it's absolutely gorgeous. David and I went with a huge group of like 30 people split between two cabins, or should I say cabin + woodland mansion? The second cabin (the party cabin, which we were not in because I am a grandma and like to go to bed by like 11 lol) was literally a mansion I don't even know how many bedrooms it had but it was gigantic and had it's own movie theater (whaaaat) and a huge kitchen and a porch with a hot tub, it was crazy. Our cabin was also very nice but much smaller (only slept like 6) and was very homey. I would love to have my own cabin someday!

It was pretty hot in Big Bear during the day. It didn't really feel like fall until the sun went down. I even tried paddle boarding for the first time on the lake (and I didn't fall in!!!) That was awesome, trying it has been on my bucketlist for like the last year at least!

Ok so when we shot most of these it was super sunny and hot out, and then we shot a couple more when the sun went down. I'm all about pattern play for fall, and mixing stripes and leopard with army green is SO cute I think, don't you?

Anyway that was my weekend, Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Lots of love!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wrap Choker

Choker: DIY (stay tuned for tutorial!) | Top: Similar here | Sunnies: Similar here | Hat: Similar here | Bag: Exact here and it's now 50% off!!! | Lip: Wearing "almost nude" | Booties: Similar here

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Crave or Save?

Hey friends! It's time for a Crave of Save post! It's been a minute!

Over-the-knee boots are a must have for fall and these (on the SAVE side of this post) are on major sale this weekend!! They are 40% off!! I've also been obsessed with wrap chokers lately (check out the one I made on Instagram @mapleandmint). They can run into the hundreds of dollars (crazy right?!) but you can save on this one pictured above. It's only $3.99 right now because it's on sale. Wee! Also-- velvet. I love it, I need it, I gotta have it. These amazing blue crush velvet boots that are pretty much exact dupes for the $995 designer ones on the left.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these picks. Would you like to see more of these crave or save posts? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great long weekend <3 br="">

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